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Techniques of Indian Miniature Paintings Workshop at Bhavan Centre London

Students Experience :-


Learnt to make organic powder inks with camphor soot, various stones etc. Got introduced to use of various brushes to control and execute different types of lines and shapes. Practiced making typical motifs used in Indian miniature paintings.

We got to select and copy subset of a real traditional miniature painting with Guruji helping us select colors and improve our skill in using the brushes. This built our ability and confidence while emphasizing the need for peaceful approach, practice with foundational skills and elements and focus in execution. Also got to see how to deal with human errors.
Student :- Gurmeet Kaur Marhas


This is my first real experience of painting , let alone miniature painting and I have loved every minute of it and learnt so much. I am inspired .I would very much like to do another course when possible. I will improve I promise you.”

Student :- Jean Thomas


It was a great experience to learn from Ramuji. He is a great artist as well as a great teacher. I manage to complete my first painting and I definitely want to continue with this. The learning was very therapeutic.

Student :- Suganthini Mahendran


I was in paint heaven….a truly enthralling workshop with Ramuji. Discovering the secrets of indian miniature painting and the techniques..thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. Will definitely attend more workshops.

Thank you guruji.”

Student :- Malik Mitha


The course was wonderful and Guruji was most helpful in explaining the method of painting, how the paints work and how they are sourced and made. I look forward to working with Guruji again soon in Jaipur and also hopefully in London next year. It was a great experience

Thank you.

Student :- Nadira Kurtha


It has been a lifetime experience for me.
I always wanted to learn miniature techniques but studying in London made that an impossible thing as we don’t have the right miniature schools here.
However, the experience I gained with Sir RamuRamdev has been a memorable one. From learning how to do the first step of miniature – the white wash of safaida till the end bit with the detailing – it has been something that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Student :- Zara Iqbal

This was a very enriching experience for me and rekindled my love for art. This was a totally new technique and I was fortunate to learn from the master Ramuji himself. I look forward to continuing my journey in art.


Student :- Meera Patankar

I found this to be a very peaceful experience; I learnt many techniques but only focused on a few as a beginner.

I felt that Guruji was able to offer good advice and tips that I can develop upon in my own time.

Student :- Seema Chopra


I have learnt how to make black pigment and what is used to make other natural pigments. I have also learnt to prepare paper and burnishing.  Guruji has helped me reproduce an original miniature.  It has been an enlightening and peaceful experience and has encouraged me to continue learning more about this fantastic art forms

Student :- Tanzeena Ahmad

By attending this art class, I learned a lot about the origins of miniature painting, visiting old techniques using special, natural hand made paints and paper. I felt extremely fortunate to have been taught miniature painting by Guruji.

Student :- Pragna Pandya



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